n. & v.
1 each of the limbs or organs by which a bird, bat, or insect is able to fly.
2 a rigid horizontal winglike structure forming a supporting part of an aircraft.
3 part of a building etc. which projects or is extended in a certain direction (lived in the north wing).
4 a a forward player at either end of a line in football, hockey, etc. b the side part of a playing-area.
5 (in pl.) the sides of a theatre stage out of view of the audience.
6 a section of a political party in terms of the extremity of its views.
7 a flank of a battle array (the cavalry were massed on the left wing).
8 Brit. the part of a motor vehicle covering a wheel.
9 a an air-force unit of several squadrons or groups. b (in pl.) a pilot's badge in the RAF etc. (get one's wings).
10 Anat. & Bot. a lateral part or projection of an organ or structure.
1 intr. & tr. travel or traverse on wings or in an aircraft (winging through the air; am winging my way home).
2 tr. wound in a wing or an arm.
3 tr. equip with wings.
4 tr. enable to fly; send in flight (fear winged my steps; winged an arrow towards them).
Phrases and idioms:
give (or lend) wings to speed up (a person or a thing). on the wing flying or in flight. on a wing and a prayer with only the slightest chance of success. spread (or stretch) one's wings develop one's powers fully. take under one's wing treat as a proteacutegeacute. take wing fly away; soar. waiting in the wings holding oneself in readiness. wing-beat one complete set of motions with a wing in flying. wing-case the horny cover of an insect's wing. wing-chair a chair with side-pieces projecting forwards at the top of a high back. wing-collar a man's high stiff collar with turned-down corners. wing commander an RAF officer next below group captain. winged words highly apposite or significant words. wing-game game-birds. wing-nut a nut with projections for the fingers to turn it on a screw. wing-span (or -spread) measurement right across the wings of a bird or aircraft. wing-stroke = wing-beat. wing-tip the outer end of an aircraft's or a bird's wing.
winged adj. (also in comb.). wingless adj. winglet n. winglike adj.
Etymology: ME pl. wenge, -en, -es f. ON vaeligngir, pl. of vaeligngr

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